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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Barcelona move closer to La Liga title with win at Alaves 2-0

Barcelona won the Alavés as a guest and strokes the La Liga title. After a steady first half, came the objectives of Carles Aleñá and Luis Suárez, punishment, for the 2 to 0 that, given a success over Valencia on Wednesday against Atletico Madrid in the Metropolitan Wanda, will crown the Catalan group as three-time champion residential competition.

Barcelona won in the field of Alavés for the date 34 of the Santander League, with objectives by Aleñá and Suárez. The Catalans can be champions if Atlético de Madrid loses against Valencia on Wednesday

Barcelona (first) beat Alavés on Tuesday (eighth) in Vitoria (2-0) and was trusting that Valencia will overcome Atlético de Madrid on Wednesday (second), likewise in a match of the 34th round, to seal scientifically the accomplishment of the title in the Santander League.

With this triumph, the twenty-fourth in 34 class amusements, Barcelona has 80, 12 more than Atlético de Madrid, with which it has the 'golaverage' in support.

Yet, the triumph in Mendizorroza was not a triumphant stroll for the Culé group, not in any event in the initial segment, where the entire of the previous Barça player Abelardo realized how to stop the hostile round of a Barcelona in which Lionel Messi was left in the bank by break.

Just before the break the Basques endured the misfortune because of damage of Uruguayan forward Diego Rolán.

In this manner, it must be the canterano Carles Aleñá who opened the scoring in the moment 54, preceding Luis Suárez, of punishment granted by hand after plan of action to the VAR, guaranteed the triumph (60). The two objectives occurred without the nearness of Messi on the garden, which entered after the match hour. (AFP)

Monday, 22 April 2019

Oksana Mukha won the show "Voice of the Country" 9 season

The ninth period of the vocal venture "Voice of the Country" is finished. The champ was the colleague Dana Balana Oksana Mucha. Indeed, even at the "visually impaired tryouts," Oksana vanquished Dan with a contacting exhibition of "Kiev Waltz" by Kvitka Tsisyk. Mukha, a Lviv lady, has for some time been known as the "resurrection" of this prominent Ukrainian vocalist. Silver victor of the "Voice" was an understudy of Potap Karina Arsentieva.

For winning the challenge Lviv from the group Dan Balan got a three-room condo in Kiev.

In Ukraine, the ninth period of the Voice of the Country Song Contest has finished The champ was an occupant of Lviv, Oksana Mucha.

The group of Tina Karol was spoken to by Andrei Hayat, and the Dan Balan camp was spoken to by Oksana Mucha. These challengers were viewed as top choices of the show. Likewise in the last were Karina Arsentieva from the Potap group and Victoria Oleinik from the MONATIK group.

The show was held in a few phases. In the initial two onlookers "get rid of" Andrei Hayat and Victoria Oleinik. In the definitive piece of the last of the Voice of the nation, the ninth period of the battle was between Karina Arsentieva and Oksana Mukha.

The group of Tina Karol was spoken to by Andrei Hayat, and the Dan Balan camp was spoken to by Oksana Mucha. These hopefuls were viewed as top picks of the show. Additionally in the last were Karina Arsentieva from the Potap group and Victoria Oleinik from the MONATIK group.

The show was held in a few phases. In the initial two observers "get rid of" Andrei Hayat and Victoria Oleinik. In the conclusive piece of the last of the Voice of the nation, the ninth period of the battle was between Karina Arsentieva and Oksana Mukha.

Lvivian lady skirted her adversary with a base edge, turning into the champ of the primary vocal show of the nation. In the last Oksana Mucha played out the melody I pіdu far in the mountains of Vladimir Ivasyuk

The fundamental prize of the champ was a 3-room loft in Kiev.

Today the world celebrates World Earth Day

Today, the world celebrates World Earth Day with the aim of spreading awareness and concern for the Earth's natural environment, an annual international celebration held in many countries of the world. Some countries celebrate Earth Week.

On this occasion, Google has changed its search engine image, also known as Doodle, to raise awareness of the dangers that are threatening the planet by humans.

Earth Day is a day of awareness and concern for Earth's natural environment. Founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson as an educational environmentalist for the first time on April 22, 1970. Today is celebrated in more than 175 countries. Some countries call it Earth Week and celebrate it over a whole week.

The reason for Earth Day was in response to the 1969 oil spill off the coast of California, where more than 3 million gallons of oil spilled over 10,000 sea birds, dolphins, seals and sea lions. The annual event aims to raise awareness of environmental issues, with events around the world promoting recycling, pollution reduction and the care of the planet.

This year's Earth Day theme on Google aims to draw attention to the rapid global destruction that has resulted in a sharp decline in the number of plants and wildlife in the world. This decline is linked to human-induced phenomena, such as climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, overfishing, unsustainable agriculture, pollution and pesticides.

Sri Lanka: The toll of the Easter attacks has risen to 290 dead

About 290 people were killed in the Easter Sunday suicide bombings in Sri Lanka, according to a new report announced Monday by the local police.

Sri Lanka has experienced a bloody Easter Sunday with a coordinated wave of attacks on luxury hotels and filled churches, which have killed at least 290 people, including dozens of strangers, and raised a global commotion.

In just a few hours, bombs caused death and desolation in four hotels and three churches, during Easter Mass, in several places on the South Asian island, which had not seen such an outburst of violence since end of the civil war 10 years ago.

"The toll is around 290 (dead) and 500 wounded," police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera told AFP. 24 people were arrested in connection with this wave of attacks, which have not been claimed at this stage, he added.

On Sunday, in a few hours, bombs caused death and desolation in four hotels and three churches, during Easter Mass, in several places on the island of South Asia, which had not seen such an outburst of violence. since the end of the civil war ten years ago.

Eight explosions in total hit Sunday Sri Lanka. From the Vatican to the United States to India, these attacks have raised a global commotion.

Dozens of foreigners were killed in this popular tourist country for its idyllic beaches and lush greenery.

Their exact number "is difficult to determine. Around 37 (foreigners) died, of which 11 were identified. Some of the bodies are mutilated and it is difficult to identify them, "a foreign affairs official told AFP.

Former child's assistant to Raul Gil, Yasmin Gabrielle dies at age 17

This Sunday (21), the youthful Yasmin Gabrielle Amaral, 17, passed on of a suicide. Yasmin ended up known broadly a couple of years back for his melodic exhibitions in the 'Raul Gil Program' (SBT). She partook in the 'Me and the Children' picture and had some good times with the moderator - she called him 'Grandpa Raul'.

The data on the young person's passing was affirmed by her family and companions. As indicated by them, she had misery. On Facebook, many individuals near Yasmim have left their tribute. "Do you know what despondency is? For the individuals who don't have the foggiest idea or think they know, it is an intense sickness that influences individuals' confidence, mental and enthusiastic, "composed Luis Gabriel, a companion of Yasmin Gabrielle.

Different companions and aficionados of the young lady likewise regretted what occurred. "I can not accept you're gone.Yasmim Gabrielle.I'll keep you in my heart," said a surfer. Effectively another expressed: "Today God took you close him. Rest in Peace".

Gabrielle's keep going appearance on TV was in 2017, in an exceptional visitor appearance on Raul Gil's show, where she thought back about her exhibitions.

In 2012, Gabrielle lost her mom, a malignancy injured individual. Truth be told, Raul as of now went to the young lady's home, where he conversed with his mom, who was then wiped out.

"Game of Thrones": Maisie Williams talks about the scene between Gendry de Arya

The scene where Arya Stark and Gendry have cozy connections was the most remarked by every one of the devotees of "Round of Thrones".

As you recall, Maisie Williams went to the show when she was just 11 years of age. The 22-year-early English performing artist said she thought it was each of the a joke by the makers of "Round of Thrones."

The second scene of "Round of Thrones" accompanied a standout amongst the most foreseen snapshots of the HBO fiction. Arya (Maisie Williams) and Gendry (Joe Dempsie), two of the most adored characters of the plot, made their affection in the section.

In an ongoing meeting with Entertainment Weekly, Williams stated: "At first I thought this [the scene where they have sex] was a joke."

In a similar note, Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in the plot, included that it was she who enlightened Williams concerning this scene. "I called Maisie and stated: 'Have you perused it yet?'", Explains Turner. "What's more, she [Maisie] lets me know: 'I'm amidst the primary scene.' So I revealed to her I needed to peruse that scene at the earliest opportunity ... It's staggering," Turner said.

"I was very private in that sense, I don't believe that being bare is an unequivocal factor for Arya to sparkle, and the various [characters] have effectively done it in the program, so ...", uncovered the mediator.

Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry, admitted that recording the scene was somewhat odd on the grounds that Williams is just about 10 years more youthful than him. "I've known Maisie since she was 11 or 12. And yet, she's a 20-year-elderly person, so we simply chose to have a fabulous time on the set," she said.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Lorraine Warren dies at 92

The lamentable updates on the demise of Lorraine Warren, the paranormal scientist who roused the makers of the 'Warren File' universe in every one of the movies introduced on the extra large screen, was disclosed.

As per the data that was given by Warren's grandson, Chris McKinnell, on his own Twitter account, Lorraine kicked the bucket at age 92, the evening of Holy Thursday, because of his propelled age.

Lorraine and her better half, Ed, who passed on in 2006, were incredibly famous paranormal examiners with very mediatic cases, for example, the "Amityville Horror" or the Enfield poltergeis in the United Kingdom. Cases, some of them gathered in the adventure "The spell", where the character of Lorraine is played by Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel) while Patrick Wilson (Aquaman) offers life to her significant other.

An adventure that has two principle films, "The spell" (2013) and "The spell 2" (2016) and up to four turn offs: "Annabelle" (2014), "Annabelle 2: the creation" (2017), "La religious recluse" (2018) and the as of late discharged "The scourge of the sobbing lady" (2019), which is in theaters in theaters of the nation. A sum of six movies that have earned in excess of 1,550 million dollars in the cinematic world.

McDonald's turns McFish into classic on Good Friday

McFish isn't one of the most loved sandwiches among the works of art of the McDonald's fat-evolved way of life. Yet, it's a decent decision over the Easter occasion, particularly on Good Friday, multi day when Christians don't eat red meat.

McFish has an intriguing story. The sandwich would have been brought up in a city with a solid Catholic custom, called Cincinnati, in Ohio, to stem the fall in offers of sandwiches on Fridays as a result of religious confinements. Furthermore, following a similar line, the McDonald's Brasil staff chose to push the sandwich. Amid Good Friday McFish will be viewed as a work of art.

Jason Momoa shaved his characteristic beard

Jason Momoa is one of those on-screen characters whose body is critical in view of the jobs he plays. His thick hair and facial hair are as of now a sort of character and not just for his job in "Round Of Thrones", however in the wake of having offered life to Aquaman in the DC Universe of Warner Bros. Also, presently, that has changed. The on-screen character has chosen to shave his facial hair, something he has not done since 2012, he has changed his present appearance.

Nothing under seven years. That is the time that Jason Momoa was wearing a facial hair. It is difficult to envision him with his face free of hair, despite the fact that we previously had a thought of what his face looked like when the photographs of his childhood were distributed, assuming a job in "Baywatch".

Presently we can see Jason Momoa again with his face free of hair. The performing artist chose to shave for a decent motivation, something he clarifies in a video where we perceive how he goes from taking care of business with a facial hair to one without.

Kanchana 3 Movie

Raghava Lawrence has come up with a 'Kanchena-3' presenting audience with the horror comedy films like Muni, Kanchana and Kunchana 2. The movie was released Friday in Tamil and Telugu languages. Laurence is a self-directed film, so far, all of the films in the series have been hit by the massive expectations. It was released as grandly as possible.

The Kanchana 3 movie starring Raghava Lawrence, is scheduled for tomorrow (April 19). The film is produced by Sun Pictures.

The movie Kanchana 3 is the 4th film of Muni. Raghava Lawrence, Oviya, Vedika, Sathyaraj, Kovai Sarla, Tuan Singh and Suri are playing important roles. The film also starred in Laurence's makeover.

Raghava Lawrence has acted again as a ghost to the movie. Vivitha and Oviya are very strong.

Following the huge success of Muni, the Kanchana 3 film is much bigger and more expensive than the Kanjana 1 and 2 episodes.

Europa League: the notes of Naples-Arsenal

Arsenal are playing their European future tonight when they travel to Naples as part of the Europa League return quarter-final. The Italians, second in Serie A, are well off to play the Champions League next year unlike the Gunners in full battle with Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea. While the winner of the Europa League is directly qualified for the C1, Arsenal should not miss such a chance.

He was, like all his team, completely missed out on his first leg. This Thursday, we saw more applied in what he undertook, more voluntary. As on a nice overflow where he found Fabian Ruiz in the surface, without success (47th). But always with the nervousness that awaited him. We also remember him from this image, standing next to the bench after his replacement, refusing to sit like his other teammates. Throughout the game, his annoyance was palpable, as evidenced by his yellow card collected just before the break for clearing the ball in protest at an arbitral decision (44). So best, but not sure that this is enough to reassure skeptics on the side of Napoli.

This season, Arsenal is in the company of teams of his standing, unlike last year when the Londoners had crossed the line with Atlético Madrid, ending so dream a trophy and a qualification for the C1.Emmené by Unaï Emery, a specialist in the Europa League since he won three editions, Arsenal must defend a two-goal advantage on the side of San Paolo. So to avoid a scary end of the season in the Premier League and to afford a little comfort with a trophy, Arsenal has no right to the error.

This match has almost perfectly transcribed all the paradox of the Gabonese. Full of desire, he knows how to create opportunities, especially by his speed. But it's too much, too much. We would have expected the best scorer of Arsenal this season, with 23 achievements in total, he kills any suspense on this caviar Mkhitaryan. But he stumbled on Meret, a few meters from the goal only (48th). Bis repetita a few minutes later on corner (58th). Also, in the game, the contrast with Lacazette was shouting, the French much more technically right. To make matters worse, already, early in the game, when he lost the ball on corner, Aubam 'was a great opportunity in Naples, fortunately, Cech watched (17th). In this configuration, especially after the goal, where Arsenal applied to block the space and quickly go against it, he was never able to exploit the shots. Insufficient.

PayPal wins patent for solution design that protects systems against attacks of ransomware type

This new framework would produce duplicates of the records put away in the PCs reserve before they are undermined by malware, enabling the influenced individuals to approach the data obstructed by the assailants.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has conceded the outstanding on the web installment stage, PayPal, a patent for a strategy that would permit identifying a kind of cryptographic malware and alleviate its belongings.

The organization initially presented the application to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) amid the long stretch of September 2016. It showed how to exploit existing information reserves inside the framework to help recognize ransomware and counteract these Block access to influenced individuals.

Assaults that utilization ransomware scramble the substance of a hard drive or different records on a system, making them difficult to reach to framework clients. As indicated by the patent, "the influenced individuals don't have the important keys to discharge the records, so they can not get to the data that is undermined."

In light of this circumstance, PayPal is planning a technique with which it could recognize a first duplicate of the first substance that has been stacked into the framework reserve, for which it would create a second duplicate of those records and in this way look at if there are contrasts between the two substance to check whether the modified form is the one that was scrambled.

Along these lines, if there is such a differential, the item being worked on would keep the first substance from being disposed of on the off chance that the aggressors scramble the data facilitated on the PC.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Sixers beat Nets in Game 3 of NBA playoffs without Joel Embiid

Philadelphia focus Joel Embiid sat out Game 3 of the 76ers' first-round arrangement against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday due to left knee soreness.

Sixers mentor Brett Brown credited Monroe and reinforcement focus Boban Marjanovic for filling in enough for Embiid, especially on edge end. Brooklyn shot 41 percent on Thursday.

The Sixers' moves made an uncertain turn for head mentor Brett Brown, yet as Game 3's 131-115 win represented, the pair of exchanges may likewise be the main purpose behind Finals confidence in Philadelphia.

Embiid, who missed 14 of the Sixers' last 24 diversions after the All-Star break on account of left knee tendinitis, was recorded as flawed coming in to Thursday's amusement. He was restricted to 45 minutes aggregate in the initial two rounds of the arrangement, which Philadelphia split 1-1 on its home floor.

Embiid is sketchy for Game 4 on Sunday.

"It's intense," Embiid said before Thursday's amusement when gotten some information about his wellbeing. "That is the thing that tendinitis is about. What's more, some days you got your days, and some different days is extraordinary. In this way, even in the recreations that I play, I simply endeavor to go out there and attempt to play for these folks. I attempt to enable us to win the arrangement and dispose of them. Along these lines, whatever, whatever I can do. Be that as it may, it's hard. I just got the chance to continue pushing it and perceive how it goes."

Friday, 12 April 2019

Bauhaus movement

On the event of the 100th commemoration, Google this Friday committed an intelligent doodle to the development of the Bauhaus, the social school that Walter Gropius raised in 1919 in the German city of Weimar and that the Nazis endeavored to shut in 1933 in light of the fact that it didn't react to interests of the routine.

The school was established in the city of Weimar on April 12, 1919 by the German planner Walter Gropius, who built up an educational programs for craftsmans and architects who might make wonderful yet useful items. The craftsmanship school "must come back to the workshop," Gropius contemplated in a concise 1919 proclamation.

"This universe of planners and decorators who just draw and paint should by and by become a universe of individuals who fabricate, when the youngster who feels love for the aesthetic movement begins again as he did his vocation learning an exchange, the ineffective craftsman won't be sentenced to an inadequate exercise of workmanship, since its full improvement will compare to the workplace, in which it can exceed expectations ".

The name Bauhaus gets from the association of the German words Bau, "development", and Haus, "house"; Ironically, in spite of its name and the way that its organizer was a draftsman, the Bauhaus did not have a design division in the early long periods of its reality.

The impact of the Bauhaus achieved different regions. Notwithstanding engineering and diverse parts of structure, a few masterful orders pursued the hypothesizes of the development. The Bauhaus, particularly in its first stage, proposed recouping high quality techniques in development and tried to advance the commercialization of items that were available to the greater part of society.

The painters Paul Klee, Josef Albers and Vasili Vasílievich Kandinski; the picture taker Walter Peterhans; the planner Lászlo Moholy-Nagy; the stone carver Joost Schmidt; and the draftsmen Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer are a portion of the examples of this present left critical works in the German urban areas of Wiemar and Dessau and in the Israeli town of Tel Aviv, among different spots.

His recommendations and affirmations of goals included the possibility of ​​a essential change of aesthetic lessons as a reason for a resulting change of the middle class society of the time, as per the communist reasoning of its organizer. The principal stage (1919-1923) was hopeful and sentimental, the second (1923-1925) substantially more realist and in the third (1925-1929) it accomplished its most elevated acknowledgment, which corresponded with its exchange from Weimar to Dessau. In 1930, under the heading of Mies van der Rohe, he moved to Berlin where he totally changed the introduction of his instructing program.

The Bauhaus established the regulating frameworks and examples of what is currently known as mechanical and visual communication; it very well may be said that before the presence of the Bauhaus these two callings did not exist thusly and were considered inside this school. Without a doubt, the school built up the scholarly establishments on which a standout amongst the most overwhelming patterns of the new present day engineering would be generally based, consolidating another stylish that would cover all regions of every day life.

Rapid Pengerang blast

The state government will offer help to individuals influenced by the blast at the Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development in Pengerang here early today.

State International Trade, Investment and Utilities Committee administrator Jimmy Puah said it would converse with inhabitants and help them guarantee pay from Petronas.

Kampung Lepau is the nearest town to the scene of blast.

The Department of Occupational Safety and Health has sent a group of officers to lead an examination of the episode.

"The group is as of now trusting that the circumstance will settle before beginning the examination," the office said in an announcement.


The Masters Second round start

Brooks Koepka leads the route after a faultless opening 66 place him in conflict for an amazing fourth significant title in his last seven begins.

Koepka was the main player not to card a solitary intruder on the very first moment, however was denied the out and out lead by a dazzling completion from countryman Bryson DeChambeau.

Creeks Koepka possesses the majors. Bryson DeChambeau will undoubtedly begin winning them soon. The two golfers singed Augusta National Golf Club on Thursday evening, shooting coordinating 66s to share the first-round lead at the Masters.

DeChambeau topped his round by barely missing a bird on the standard 4 18. His second shot from 195 yards struck the flagstick right on target however the ball shook out and he tapped in for birdie. He additionally shot 31 on the back, shutting with four successive birdies.

DeChambeau, the Tour's most diagnostic player, is positioned 6th on the planet. He's won five PGA Tour occasions since the late spring of 2017.

Downpour dumped on Augusta National on Monday and Tuesday and the course come up short on its run of the mill fire. While the early starters attempted to pick up force, the evening wave poured on the birdies. The best five players, including Ian Poulter and World No. 2 Dustin Johnson at 68 all began at 1:05 or later.

Tiger Woods shot 70, drove well however missed six putts inside 10 feet and wasted open doors on Augusta's four standard 5s, playing them 1-under.

DeChambeau, playing in just his second Masters, realizes the course can turn troublesome and quit yielding birdies.

Summer is the night of pop and carnival in Morro da Urca

RIO - After a stormy week, the sky cleared and the moon showed up on Thursday, the principal night of Fica Summer, a gastronomy and music occasion that possesses Morro da Urca until Sunday. Ideal for the proposition of prolongation of the station, which incorporates the pop gentility of Silva and Duda Beat and the weight of the jamboree of the Friends of Ounce.

On a sold-out night, the individuals who got off the link vehicle were invited by DJ Dudu Jardim, on a set that - highlighting craftsmen like Dona Onete and Gilberto Gil - flagged the mind-set of what was to come. Having the scene of Rio as an edge, the open had available to its gastronomic alternatives that included custard, burger, brownie and cannolli.

Duda Beat made the primary show of the night, energetically gotten by the gathering of people. Quickly before making that big appearance, she recalled that when she originated from Pernambuco to visit Rio, she came to visit Morro da Urca as a vacationer:

Last Thursday's fascination, Silva took to Morro da Urca a demonstrate that demonstrates his vocation - from collections like "Jupiter" (2015) to his latest venture, "Bloque do Silva", with which he has shot the nation.

Vasyl Lomachenko could be the greatest boxer of all times

A preparation routine that clarifies that the Ukrainian isn't typical. Also, he doesn't box like an ordinary person. Lomachenko is quicker than any other person and he is more earnestly than any other individual. He moves in a blend of elegance and severity. In the event that he strikes, he's nearly gone. "He's my most loved contender," says Mike Tyson. "No one has a system like him," says amazing advertiser Bob Arum. "I have not seen a superior one since Muhammad Ali." Twice Lomachenko ended up Olympic boss. From 397 novice battles he won 396. Three battles he required as an expert, since he was a first time champion. He required 12 proficient battles to keep his belt in three weight classes. Record! Thus it isn't astonishing that specialists inquire as to whether he will one day become the best all things considered.

The measurement sees him as of now on the dimension of Ali: The program CompuBox has determined that no fighter since "The Greatest" has a superior harmony between distributed beats and got the money for beating to appear. Means: Lomachenko isn't just an underwriter of hostile display, he overwhelms the specialty of avoidance like no other. He brought for instance the Cuban Guillermo Rigondeaux to give up. The two-time Olympic victor surrendered a world title battle in 2017 - as fourth by and large rival.

The dad of accomplishment is the dad of the effective: Anatoly Lomachenko has been the mentor of his child since most punctual days. Previous acrobatic instructor and novice fighter, he put boxing gloves on his child out of the blue at three years old. At ten years old he didn't give him a chance to box any longer, however placed him in a move school for quite a long time, had him practice Ukrainian society moves.

That satisfies. Lomachenko's leg work is wild. The following one to feel it is Briton Anthony Crolla. He will be left with no possibility around evening time on Saturday.

Chelsea make a statement in response to the cheers of his racist fans against Salah

"We will coordinate with Chelsea in order to ensure that they are properly identified and punished."

The fans of Chelsea before the Slavia Prague game in the European league published a video saying "Suicide bomber."

Mohamed Salah played for Chelsea for one year but did not have a real chance with the team before taking a trip away from the club and then returned to the Premier League with Liverpool.

Liverpool will face Chelsea in the English Premier League next round at Anfield Stadium on Sunday. The match will be important for the two sides to compete for the league and qualify for the Blues Champions League.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Tire Mayor elected, the first business changed the stadium name Belediye

Atakan Duran, who was chosen as the Mayor of Tire in the nearby decisions, changed the name of the arena to which he was given the name of previous civic chairman Tayfur Çiçek, to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Stadium.

The name of the arena, which was worked by the Municipality of Tire with the money related help of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the name of the Mayor Tayfur Çiçek, changed. At the neighborhood races hung on March 31st, the city gathering, who was chosen as the Mayor of the Nation as the city hall leader of Atakan Duran, had changed the name of the arena to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Stadium.

It was announced that the decision was made by the admission of all councilors.

"Chelsea" on the road managed to defeat "Slavia"

Chelsea in the first game of the Europa League quarter-finals beat Slavia on the road.

From the first minutes, the Czechs easily passed through the center of London’s field and threatened Kepa’s goal. There was a chance for Zoufal and Shevchik, but the Spaniard easily parried these blows.

Londoners did not glue the game in attack. In the second half, Azar did not improve the situation. “Slavia” could score a blow to Traore, but again Kepa rescued.

And yet, Chelsea scored its goal. Willian found the filing of Alonso, who beat the defender and head plunged the ball into the net.

The return match will take place on April 18.

TRE releases mandate from Selma Arruda, the "Moro de saias"

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara finally confirm the good news, the bimbo is pregnant.

Nabilla and Thomas have confirmed to our colleagues in Paris-Match to wait for their first child.

In a long interview given at Paris-Match, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara confirmed the good news, photos in support. "I can hardly believe how much ... we grew up together! It was a long way. Today, we try to be better people, for our child, "explains the bimbo.

"Since October, we calculated everything! It did not work, we did not understand. Nabilla was doing a pregnancy test every day! When it finally arrived, we were like crazy, "confirms Thomas, formerly of Secret Story.

They also mention in this interview the time when Nabilla stabbed Thomas in an argument. "We will use this drama to prove to him that he has strong parents, who have faced all the trials. And when everything seems insurmountable to him, we will say to him: "If we have succeeded, you can succeed too. », Says Nabilla.

The tremendous accusation of Yanina Latorre against Calu Rivero

The specialist terminated hard against the model and uncovered a shrouded reality.

the discussion thumped on the entryway of Calu Rivero after Yanina Latorre guaranteed that the model purchases devotees for their interpersonal organizations. It ought to be noticed that the "it young lady" Argentina has 1 million adherents on Instagram where he shares different pictures of their every day lives.

"She is an exceptionally decent advertiser, she sells well, she purchased the supporters of Instagram, I have confirmed it," Yanina uncovered in a solid discharge against Calu.

"At a certain point I completed a development." Actually, she didn't have such a large number of and now practically every one of the adherents advise her in different dialects, in Arabic or Israeli, when she transfers a photograph, she has numerous preferences however gets twenty remarks. You see the records of China Suárez or Paula Chaves and they have two thousand remarks, with analysis, she has four or five remarks and in another dialect, "he included about how he realized that Rivero's supporters were not real.

The idioms of Latorre were not there and blamed the model for being requesting with regards to giving a note and that is taken care of with a twofold standard.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Get ready because "Shazam!" It will have sequel!

It isn't yet affirmed that Sandberg will sit back in the executive's seat, in any case, the data from The Wrap focuses to his arrival in the continuation

This film likewise had an exciting reaction past the US outskirts to enter 158.8 million around the world.

"Shazam!" centers around the impossible to miss figure of Billy Batson, a 15-year-old youngster who, after a visit from a mystical performer, says "Shazam!" to turn into a grown-up with superpowers however keeping his young mindset.

Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer and Mark Strong are the heroes of this film interlaces the epic sort of superheroes with adolescent parody and gamberra.

Rosmah Mansor slapped with another charge in solar hybrid project case

KUALA LUMPUR - The spouse of previous Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansor, said it is progressively imperative that the general population who blamed her for acquiring a 22-carat pink precious stone apologize to the general population than to apologize to her.

Rosmah said the "pink diamond" issue was trumped up by certain parties to “use it for the election”.

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor was slapped with another charge at the Sessions Court here today for getting an influence including RM5 million regarding the execution of the sun oriented cross breed framework venture for country schools in Sarawak.

Rosmah, who is the spouse of previous head administrator Datuk Seri Najib Razak, argued not liable to the charge.

Rosmah was claimed to have gotten RM5 million from Saidi Abang Samsudin, 59, the overseeing executive of Jepak Holdings Sdn Bhd through Datuk Rizal Mansor, her previous associate.

The offense was purportedly dedicated at No 11, Jalan Langgak Duta, Taman Duta, here on Dec 20, 2016.

Agent open examiner Datuk Mohd Dusuki Mokhtar recommended that safeguard was set at RM1 million with one surety on grounds that Rosmah was accused of a genuine offense and that the sum included was high.

He connected for a safeguard to be forced as the case may be attempted independently from Rosmah's past case which is identified with a similar undertaking.

Mohd Dusuki additionally demonstrated to the court that the indictment would apply to exchange the case to the High Court.

Be that as it may, legal counselor Datuk Akberdin Abdul Kader, who represented Rosmah, protested and said the safeguard sum proposed by the indictment was excessively high.

"She is a full-time housewife. We are requesting the court's thoughtfulness to embrace the safeguard which was set for her past cases which include a similar venture," Akberdin said.

Rosmah has been available in the court without disappointment and the safeguard was just to verify her participation, he included.

Sessions Court Judge Azura Alwi then permitted the protection group's application to embrace the safeguard of RM1 million that has been set for her past cases and fixed the case for notice on May 10.

On Nov 15 a year ago, Rosmah argued not blameworthy in the Sessions Court here to two tallies of accepting rewards, totalling RM1.5 million, in the usage of the undertaking to supply and introduce sunlight based vitality at 369 country schools in Sarawak two years prior.

Agung Saga Arrested, Firma Anggita Sari: 2 Lost Days No News

Jakarta - Agung FTV Artists Saga must arrangement with the police since they are gotten on account of shabu-shabu drugs. His girlfriend, Anggita Sari, likewise had an awful inclination.

Anggita said that the Supreme Saga had lost news in the previous couple of days. He admitted to detikHOT on Wednesday (04/10/2019).

"I just landed in Samarinda, I opened my cellphone with a great deal of news coming in, and to be sure two days he lost there was no news in WA (WhatsApp)," he said.

When he heard the Great Saga news was taken by the police for medications, Anggita Sari was so stunned. He is currently endeavoring to help his sweetheart by setting up a legal advisor in managing the case.

"No, I don't believe I'm focused on, I need to contact my legal counselor once more. I'm prepared to deal with a legal advisor for the Agung Saga case in Jakarta," he said.

Maro Kontou - George Constantinou: We slowly became the "family" of the audience

Everything was told in Kanakis' "Vinyl" - Live connection with Kostas Voutsas from his home - Tribute to the old Greek film with stories, recollections and pleasant chuckling

In the "brilliant" period of Greek film with Maro Kondou, Giorgos Konstantinou, Costas Voutsas yesterday voyaged Antonis Kanakis 'Vinylios' appear at Wednesday midnight, helping to remember the life-changing snapshots of enchantment with his cherished heroes.

In the studio, Maro Kontou and George Constantinou, in a live association with Kostas Voutsas, shared stories, recollections, encounters and certainties for his Greek film at that point, transforming the group of onlookers into seasons with a newly heated espresso smell, a Sunday family flavor and shading old Athenian neighborhood.

My grandma was troubled at all when I disclosed to them I needed to turn into a performer. He by and by let me know: "Yours ...".

Maro Kontou needed to turn into a performing artist from the absolute first minute, something that isn't valid for George Constantinou, who never thought of this probability.

"Highly contrasting film had an enchantment that currently does not exist," Maro Kondou portrays.

The distinctive note in this extraordinary show was given by Kostas Voutsas, who told Antonis Kanakis toward the start of the affiliation: "Antonis I currently do what I can, I did what I needed to do." "You don't work in the calling, the calling pulls you," he noted, wonderfully depicting an amazing course.

"When I recollect my vocation resembles eating each day sweet, chocolate. I am cheerful to be a dramatic. You are not a brand on the off chance that you are not an incredible performing artist or a man. Seasons are extraordinary. "

"Does profiteroles tire, George?", Says Antonis Kanakis, George Constantinou. "Where I stand and where I am, I find out about a profiterole," the performing artist answered, snickering. "Listen tall, in the event that you need to succeed you need to institutionalize. There was a period that did not go through my name, the world couldn't relate to me, I was battling," he uncovered.

Obviously, there was discussion about the unbelievable "fsss boing". Kostas Voutsas place things in his place.

"The" fsss boing "was not my very own mediation, it was not ad lib, it was in the content."

Candida auris, the drug-resistant fungus that worries the medical world

This parasite causes contaminations whose side effects are at first gentle, yet which can be deadly.

While the anti-infection obstruction of certain microorganisms is one of the main ten dangers to the soundness of mankind, they are not by any means the only ones to stress the therapeutic world. As of late, "in an atmosphere of incredible mystery", an organism, additionally impervious to treatment, spreads all through the world, decries the New York Times.

His name: candida auris. It is fit for causing obtrusive candidiasis (contamination) by tainting the circulation system, focal sensory system and interior organs. The principal known instance of this organism contamination goes back to 2009 in Japan. From that point forward, a few cases have been accounted for around the globe, driving the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) to announce in April 2018 that "its spread has turned into a general medical issue in only a couple of years."

"The patient is dead, not candida auris"

Supposing that the disease at first causes moderately gentle manifestations (fever, body throbs, exhaustion), it is conceivably dangerous for patients in danger: newborn children, the old, diabetic patients or those whose safe framework is debilitated.

The publication exhorts you

Anti-toxin obstruction: "If nothing transforms, one individual will bite the dust like clockwork in 2050"

This is particularly stressing as Candida auris is incredibly obtrusive, can get by on surfaces for half a month and is impervious to disinfectants ordinarily utilized in emergency clinics. The New York Times alludes to the instance of an older patient hospitalized last May in Brooklyn. "Following 90 days the patient is dead, not candida auris," composes the paper.

"Everything was sure: the dividers, the bed, the entryways, the drapes, the phones, the table, the roof, the floor, to the point where the medical clinic needed to complete a particular cleansing and expel sections from the roof and the roof. soil to beat it "

Impervious to generally medications

Candidia auris is likewise impervious to most antifungals, for example, fluconazole, a medication regularly utilized against organisms. "For a considerable length of time, specialists have cautioned of over-utilization of anti-infection agents, which decreases their adequacy in bacterial contaminations, and as of late there has additionally been a blast of safe growths," cautions irresistible ailment master Matthew Fisher. Since like microbes, organisms develop and adjust to endure.

Also, similar to them, no one knows or holds their name. However, as indicated by the New York Times, candida auris has just hit a few times.

Also, "we can hope to see new episodes", particularly in Europe, cautions the ECDC, which passes judgment on the circumstance all the all the more stressing that candida auris is hard to distinguish and that we at long last know almost no about him. "He resembles the weird animal of Black Lake," entireties up the

The new EU Brexit round begins

At the present gathering, the European Central Bank will talk about the conditions and timing of the TLTRO program. In the meantime, the European Council will meet to examine the subsequent stages around Brexit. The information will indicate household swelling, which quickened by a tenth in March.

The log jam in worldwide interest, which is likewise reflected in the decrease in utilization and interest in the euro region, makes the European Central Bank wrinkles. Officially low financing costs and a frail money don't encourage the circumstance in the event that the euro zone economy needs another cash motivation. At the present gathering of the European Central Bank, the talk will rotate around more fragile monetary information, yet in addition about the states of the TLTRO3 program. He could be very liberal and increment the bank's accounting report for the time being. Yet, we don't anticipate any formal declaration today.

The European Council will likewise meet today to talk about further Brexit dealings. Recently, British Prime Minister T. May met German Chancellor A. Merkel and French President E. Macron, the present delegates of all nations should meet. As indicated by informal sources, the in all likelihood alternative is to broaden the season of takeoff from the EU by a while.

Judith Butler: "Men have to break their brotherhood and denounce violence"

The philosopher, on a visit to Buenos Aires, alluded to the women's activist developments, the discussion over fetus removal and the censures of sexual brutality, amid a discussion with a little gathering of writers.

Around 17, the line of individuals was around the bend of Springolo Street, in Sáenz Peña, where the grounds of the University of Tres de Febrero is found. A huge number of youngsters went to the table "Activism and thought" given by the American scholar Judith Butler - together with individuals from the aggregate Ni Una Menos-. With mates, books and notes, they arranged to sit tight for quite a long time against the mass of the property, mindful of the advantage of having, for the second time, an identity like Butler in an open space in suburbia.

The poststructuralist and hypothetical scholar of sex is one of the significant references and scholastics of contemporary woman's rights, for its commitments on strange hypothesis, and on political and moral hypothesis. Writer of basic books, for example, The Gender in Dispute, Bodies that Matter and Undo the Gender; Contingency, authority, comprehensiveness, composed together with Ernesto Laclau and Slavoj Zizek, and Precarious Life, among different titles.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Don Omar, Resident and Cosculluela defend Ivy Queen in her dispute with Anuel AA

The specialists communicated for the mediator after the disputable articulations of the craftsman scrutinizing their present spot in the urban classification

Ivy Queen did not keep anything when it came to responding to what she comprehended to be a scorn with respect to Anuel AA. (Document/GFR Media)

Urban music has effectively discovered its new novel. It is the intersection of messages between Anuel AA and Ivy Queen.

The Puerto Rican ragpicker distributed a "story" on his Instagram account on the end of the week in which without referencing Ivy, one of the primary ladies to rise in reggaeton, addressed why he is still called the "Ruler", particularly when it has not been a radio hit for quite a long while.

"How are you going to disclose to me that a lady who does not sing a tune over 7 years back is the ruler of reggaeton ??????? THE NUMBERS DO NOT LIE !!!!!!! Kobe was the King for his occasions however at this point it's LEBRON !!!!!! ", peruses the printed message that Anuel distributed in his record

Be that as it may, it didn't stop there. The translator of hits like "I need to move" and "Let me know" distributed a story on her Instagram account that demonstrates a workmanship that demonstrates her as a courageous woman of a progression of Japanese anime with an immediate message to Anuel, who is two or three the Colombian mediator Karol G.

"Would it be able to be that I need to remind you where I originated from? "Culicagao Anuel AA, you would prefer not to cross with the ruler!" Reads the message of Ivy Queen.

The contention has joined different craftsmen of the old school and the new school, who have not had any desire to pass up on the chance to perceive the direction of the Puerto Rican entertainer, a pioneer in the "underground" scene and reggaeton, and request regard for what has done in more than 15 years of vocation.

One of them was Don Omar, who in a broad "live" on his Facebook account communicated applause to the craftsman, who was additionally alluded to by his genuine name Martha Pesante.

"At the point when Don Omar had the tune 'Dale Don, Dale', Ivy Queen was the most played craftsman in Colombia. In Medellin Colombia. None of different specialists had blunted how she was doing it. Ivy had a huge show (...), there were just about 54,000 individuals or 55,000 individuals in that arena. Furthermore, do you realize why Don Omar was there? Since Ivy Queen discussed Don Omar and that was my first entry (to Colombia), "said Don Omar in a" live "on Facebook.

The craftsman, who appeared in Medellin in the previous couple of days, said the explanation behind making the video was to demonstrate regard to a lady and partner of the class that dependably helped him.

"This video I need to do with incredible regard, both for my companion Martha Pesante, also called Ivy Queen. Much thanks to you by and by for the things you helped in out and perhaps you didn't see, "said Don Omar, who likewise communicated affability of Anuel.

Cosculluela, then again, was obtuse in her appraisal of the debate

"You need to discover that when this pende started * @ this was an underground type. This ended up illicit and Ivy was one of the general population who opened the entryways for us to cross, "said the craftsman.

Falo was another who wrote in his interpersonal organizations with regards to Ivy Queen and inquired as to whether different associates of the Saldríana type would bolster her.

Yet, there were likewise examples of the new ages who joined the talk and put themselves in favor of "La Caballota"

"The just a single the road purified through water. The one that stuck in the city and not on the radio. Regard this MILF @Ivyqueendiva #Legend, "composed Jon Z on his Instagram account.

A standout amongst the most strongly communicated was Residente, who, without naming anybody, made a video that he distributed on Instagram, in which he admonished more youthful specialists to perceive the individuals who opened the path in the class before them.

Broadway Box Office Slows As Tony Contenders Brace For Battle

It's the most magnificent time on Broadway. (Or on the other hand the most debilitating, in case you're a press rep). Spring has sprung, and the following two months will be characterized by a frantic race to the front of the publicity train as it speeds toward the Tony Awards on June ninth.

Choo-choo, without a doubt.

Each generation in the 2018-19 season has formally started exhibitions, the last two being British hit Ink and another recovery of All My Sons, which landed on Broadway after a genuinely boneheaded clash over "visually challenged" throwing nearly sank it. Jury's still out on in the case of anything was rescued.

Meanwhile, three major musicals (Anastasia, Kinky Boots, and a year ago's Best Musical victor The Band's Visit) have shut, focusing center around the new yield of honors contenders, a considerable lot of which are still in sneak peaks - which means scaled down costs, comped press seats, and in general slower execution.

The business' complete film industry sank 4% this week to $35.29 million, mirroring the both the overabundance of substance and a pre-Easter interruption in customer spending.

Before we delve into the contenders, it merits asking: Is film industry execution a solid indicator for honor tallies?

The appropriate response: No, yet it's not irrelevant. Winning Best Musical can have a resuscitative impact, and has helped numerous littler shows into benefit. Be that as it may, Hamilton, Book of Mormon, and Dear Evan Hansen were at that point breaking records when they won the huge prize, so it's difficult to contend relationship somehow.


Graduates of Life BRANDVOICE

Making Economic Opportunity for Detroit's Youth: Quicken Loans Partners with Urban Alliance


Casting a ballot Together Across Generations


The Best Of Enemies – A Review

Nonetheless, it is uncommon for a demonstrate that is genuinely attempting to bring home the gold. At the present time, the special case that fits that bill would be King Kong, which was never a contender in the first place. The Prom is additionally in the red, yet it has a battling chance come Tony night subsequent to acquiring rave surveys and industry generosity for its blend of camp and sweetness.

Be that as it may, the class itself is chaotic. Eleven new musicals opened this season and just a solitary one of them is being bandied about as an ensured chosen one. That would be Hadestown, which is selling great, earning 82% of its recorded potential this week. Inquisitively, the soul-filled tuner went unrecognized finally night's Olivier Awards. On the other hand the Brits aren't known for being judicious about musicals; Hadestown's censure over the lake isn't probably going to mean much in New York.

With respect to the others, Ain't Too Proud is the main genuine melodic hit of the period, in any event in the cinema world, earning $1.3 million this week. The show is definitely not an innovative disclosure - it's one more jukebox undertaking coordinated by Des "Paint-by-Numbers" McAnoff - however it's cleaned and selling superior to anything he's contacted since Jersey Boys.

The different genuine contenders are Tootsie, Beetlejuice, Be More Chill, and The Cher Show - which are all hitting obstacles. Beetlejuice got savaged away is as yet experiencing significant reworks; Be More Chill terminated its long-term press rep as it endeavors to cement its image; Tootsie got real fire for merchandise that peruses as transphobic; and The Cher Show is experiencing similar hardship, as the follow-up from Hamilton's lead maker isn't bursting into flames a similar way.

None of them are selling like gangbusters. Tootsie and Beetlejuice are both in sneak peaks, and keeping in mind that Be More Chill broke film industry records in its first week it has lost force since. The Cher Show began solid, as well, yet has been spilling cash since February.

With respect to plays, the reasonable hit is To Kill A Mockingbird, which has piled on of $22 million ahead of time deals and is consistently in the best 5 most elevated netting demonstrates every week. It's not the leader for honors, be that as it may. Surveys were great however not the raves gave on What The Constitution Means To Me and The Ferryman, which are jarring for the top tally pick. Chances are on The Ferryman, yet nets have melted away as of late, and Constitution is riding a rush of buzz after its ongoing opening.

System is likewise selling out, having officially turned a benefit while netting over $1 million consistently since opening - however grants babble is about its star Bryan Cranston, not simply the material. The remainder of the field is disorganized, incorporating 14 new plays, a few of which have officially completed their restricted runs. Of them, Gary and Hillary and Clinton are still in sneak peaks, and keeping in mind that they have a flock of powerhouse names joined, nor is setting the movies land. The charitable MTC has two buzzy hopefuls with Choir Boy, which broadened twice, and Ink, which won the Olivier a year ago.

The universe of recoveries is increasingly sensible. Just two are musicals: Kiss Me Kate, which got incredible press, and Oklahoma! which additionally opened to raves this week. Both are selling similarly well, netting somewhere in the range of 60% and 65% of their recorded potential.

Play recoveries are progressively jumbled. Many anticipated King Lear, moored by the irreproachable Glenda Jackson, to be also dazzling, however audits were blended. Consume This, with Star Wars heartthrob Adam Driver in the number one spot, is both selling better (81% gross potential) and producing increasingly positive informal exchange in reviews. The Waverly Gallery, presently shut, is likewise in the blend - mediocre deals, yet it collected marvelous surveys and industry altruism for Elaine May's arrival to Broadway following a 50-year nonappearance.

Tony designations will be declared on April 30th. In the middle of, the industry will detonate over the worthwhile Easter occasion, which has developed to match Thanksgiving in its priciness, and will correspond with spring break for most NYC schools. Built up traveler magnets will command the movies, yet we may see fundamentally more life in new contenders - particularly ones with more youthful fanbases, as Be More Chill.

Vitoria is thrashed by the Fortaleza and bid farewell to the Northeast Cup

Without winning a solitary amusement, Vitória is out of the Northeast Cup. The evening of Monday (8), the red-dark group lost to the Fortaleza by 4 to 0, in the Castelão Arena, for the quarterfinals of the provincial challenge. The objectives were scored by Junior Santos (twice), Edinho and Dodo.

Presently, Rubro-negro spotlights on the Brazilian Championship Series B coordinate. The presentation of the Lion will be on April 27, at 11am, against Botafogo-SP, far from home.

With the initial twenty minutes set apart by fruitless assaults from Fortaleza and endeavors by Vitória's counterattack, the main great shot of the match showed up in the 24th moment. After header from Wellington Paulista to the passageway of the territory, Edinho ruled the chest and hit first, yet the ball ignored the objective.

Fortaleza opens the scoring with Santos Junior

In the 27th moment, Fortaleza opened the scoring at the Castelão Arena. On the left half of the assault, Osvaldo right-gave cross and crossed in for Júnior Santos, who headed well without offering opportunities to goalkeeper João Gabriel.

Santos denotes the second

In the wake of enduring the objective, Victory even endeavored to search for hostile alternatives, yet wound up enduring the second attempt. Again on the left side, Osvaldo progressed in speed, won the match with Jeferson and went to the base of the field to serve Junior Santos, who hit solidly and low to expand the edge.

Second time

Indeed, even with the edge, the Fortress proceeded over the Victory, exploiting the spaces that the red-dark left. At five minutes, Junior Santos began at speed and served Edinho. Inside the huge territory, the Pici's Tricolor striker terminated far from the objective.

In the succession, the Vitória gave its first kick to the objective in the diversion. At eight, Neto Baiano took a

a great deal of solidarity. The ball hoped to have taken an avoidance in transit in, yet he's guaranteeing it! After two minutes, Neto attempted once more, yet this time the ball passed extremely distant from the goal wanted by the forward.

Osvaldo hits the bar

At 12 minutes, Fortaleza nearly achieved the third objective. On the correct side, Edinho sent Osvaldo, who commanded and dropped a bomb on the correct post of goalkeeper João Gabriel.

Edinho marks the third of Fortaleza

Goalkeeper João Gabriel needed to work in the twentieth moment. After a decent play, Osvaldo served Tinga in the passageway of the zone. The right-back hit hard for an aerobatic guard of the red-dark toxophilite. At 34, Edinho, on the left side, crossed in the zone, Victor Ramos diverted and Wellington Paulista nearly pushed into the net.

The Fortaleza exploited Vitória's sadness and scored the third objective in the 38th moment. The play started with Marcinho, who gave a profound go to Edinho, who exceptional in speed and contacted the exit of goalkeeper João Gabriel.

Of need, Dodo makes room

Following 45 minutes, Victor Ramos maneuvered Marcinho into the territory and was sent off. Dodô wonderfully charged and hit the net, while Joao Gabriel could just watch.

Champions League: at stake vouchers to the semifinals

Today in the first quarter-final match of the UEFA Champions League will meet two English teams, “Manchester City” and “Tottenham”. The game will take place in London at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. The head coach of the “townspeople” Pep Guardiola shared his thoughts before an important duel at the “Spurs”.

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City head coach: Tottenham Hotspur will play at this stadium only the second time, so we know exactly what we can face. But how we deal with it depends on us. If we want to go forward as a club, as a team, we must be able to cope with such situations. Well, if we cannot, then we are not prepared enough to go to the next stage. "

“Spurs” reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time in eight years and for the second time in history. Last week the club opened its new stadium. Moving to a new home should add to the team of Mauricio Pochettino a fighting spirit before the final segment of the season in which the “spurs” fight for getting into the top 4 Premier League.

The match "Tottenham Hotspur" - "Manchester City" will begin at 22:00 Moscow time. At the same time the English “Liverpool” at home will fight with the Portuguese “Port”. The meeting will be held at the stadium "Enfield".

Hazard scored twice, Chelsea came in third

The Belgian made a big contribution in a 2-0 win over West Ham in Round 33 of the Premier League on 8 April.

Sarri: 'Chelsea have to play 3 days a game because they can buy all players' / Hazard can land Real in the next few days.

* Goal: Hazard 24 '& 90'.

This result helps Chelsea to overcome Arsenal and Tottenham to occupy third place in the Premier League. Maurizio Sarri teachers and more than two rivals with the city and three points in turn, but are also kicking more than one match.

Chelsea fans have called for sacking Sarri after a tough victory against Cardiff a few weeks ago. However, the Stamford Bridge team has shown a different face in the last two matches, as they have won Brighton and West Ham in turn and kept a clean sheet. The game "Sarri-ball" seems to be finding the same efficiency as the early season, and Chelsea is back strong in the top 4 race.

Sarri's team dominated from the early minutes and dominated the ball. But they did not create a significant threatening situation, apart from Emerson's free-kick shot. Still, Chelsea opened the score thanks to Eden Hazard's brilliant moment, when he passed the ball over five West Ham players and defeated goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski. Hazard's speed, dexterity and calm shown in the ball can be considered one of the best goals this season in the Premier League.

Two minutes later, Chelsea almost doubled the gap when Gonzalo Higuain slipped out behind the West Ham defense to pick up Hazard's long pass. However, the kick in the narrow corner of the Argentine striker could not win Fabianski. Callum Hudson-Odoi young talent, in the second major kick, continued to impress. He sprinted to catch Hazard's opening ball in a counterattack before smashing the bar.

Chelsea struggled even more in the second half when West Ham's counter-defensive play was more proactive with the participation of Robert Snodgrass. Sarri's teachers and students had the opportunity to finish off their opponents, but Ruben Loftus-Cheek finished too well against the goalkeeper, and Olivier Giroud could not defeat former team-mate Fabianski in a tight corner.

Striking a lot but not scoring, Chelsea caused their fans to experience a heart attack when Marko Arnautovic headed wide from a free kick. It wasn't until the last minute of the match that Hazard decided the outcome of the match. The midfielder, who is being chased by Real Madrid, restrains Ross Barkley's pass, then scores a goal.

Not only did it scramble for a place in the top 4, Chelsea also had another morning to win the Champions League ticket next season, it was crowned at the Europa League. What has been shown recently shows that Sarri teachers and students are capable of fulfilling both goals. Meanwhile, West Ham still ranked 11th after the third defeat in the last four games.

The Most Disturbing Details From the NXIVM Sex-Cult Case

NXIVM, an association that purportedly indoctrinated and extorted ladies into being "sex slaves," has disintegrated in the previous year. In March 2018, its organizer, Keith Raniere, was captured and accused of sex dealing for his job in the gathering, which at that point set off a domino impact: In the resulting months, government examiners would proceed to charge an ever increasing number of individuals for their supposed contribution, some of whom have now started to concede. The image painted of NXIVM in media reports is exasperating, no doubt: that the indicated "self improvement association" was rather a front for a sex clique that marked various female individuals with Raniere's initials and forced them into "ace slave" connections.

While the case is a long way from being done — Raniere, for instance, presently can't seem to go to preliminary — the previous couple of months have seen the rise of some genuinely despicable subtleties relating to the case, identifying with everything from subjugation to youngster sex entertainment.

This is what we know up until now.

Fellow benefactor Nancy Salzman conceded in court that she followed and checked ladies inside NXIVM.

Nancy Salzman, who was the principal individual engaged with the case to concede to her single charge of racketeering trick, sorrowfully admitted in court on March 13 that she followed and checked the usernames and passwords of suspected moles in the gathering to guarantee they weren't spilling insights concerning the gathering's internal operations. She likewise conceded that she requested others to "devastate video tapes" that archived Raniere's "lessons."

"I need you to realize I am confessing in light of the fact that I am, indeed, liable," she said through cries. "I acknowledge that a portion of the things I did were wrong, however at times criminal."

Investigators trust that organizer Keith Raniere engaged in sexual relations with a 15-year-old young lady, who later turned into his first "slave."

At a Brooklyn town hall on March 14, Raniere — who was at that point confronting constrained work, wire misrepresentation intrigue, human dealing, and sex dealing charges — was hit with an extra charge of kid sex entertainment. As per investigators, Raniere archived himself taking part in sexual direct with a 15-year-old young lady, who might proceed to turn into his first "slave." Prosecutors additionally blamed Raniere for having had a sexual association with no less than one other kid, and of having tyke sex entertainment somewhere in the range of 2005 and 2018.

Nancy Salzman's little girl Lauren confessed to keeping a lady as a slave.

On April 2, Lauren Salzman conceded to one tally of racketeering scheme, uncovering that she had "purposely and deliberately harbored" an anonymous lady in a bolted room from March 2010 to April 2012; when the lady "did not finish [requested] work," Salzman admitted that she took steps to oust her back to Mexico.

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Salzman likewise confessed to being an individual from DOS, the interior sorority inside NXIVM which investigators state was an "ace slave" sex ring. (The gathering likewise purportedly marked ladies with Raniere's initials.)

Performing artist Allison Mack "assumed full liability" for her contribution in NXIVM, and remarkably DOS.

The most noteworthy profile individual associated with the case, Smallville on-screen character Allison Mack, confessed on April 8 to one tally of racketeering trick and one check of racketeering. "I have reached the resolution that I should assume full liability for my direct, and that is the reason I am conceding today," she said through tears. She proceeded to concede that she was an individual from DOS, and said she had endeavored to enroll other ladies into the gathering. She additionally said that she forced ladies into giving her humiliating data and photos, referred to inside the gathering as "insurance," so as to coerce them into obliging NXIVM and Raniere's requests.

"I'm upset for the casualties of this case," she said in court. "I'm extremely upset for who I've harmed through my confused adherence to Keith Raniere's lessons."