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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Agung Saga Arrested, Firma Anggita Sari: 2 Lost Days No News

Jakarta - Agung FTV Artists Saga must arrangement with the police since they are gotten on account of shabu-shabu drugs. His girlfriend, Anggita Sari, likewise had an awful inclination.

Anggita said that the Supreme Saga had lost news in the previous couple of days. He admitted to detikHOT on Wednesday (04/10/2019).

"I just landed in Samarinda, I opened my cellphone with a great deal of news coming in, and to be sure two days he lost there was no news in WA (WhatsApp)," he said.

When he heard the Great Saga news was taken by the police for medications, Anggita Sari was so stunned. He is currently endeavoring to help his sweetheart by setting up a legal advisor in managing the case.

"No, I don't believe I'm focused on, I need to contact my legal counselor once more. I'm prepared to deal with a legal advisor for the Agung Saga case in Jakarta," he said.