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Monday, 8 April 2019

Don Omar, Resident and Cosculluela defend Ivy Queen in her dispute with Anuel AA

The specialists communicated for the mediator after the disputable articulations of the craftsman scrutinizing their present spot in the urban classification

Ivy Queen did not keep anything when it came to responding to what she comprehended to be a scorn with respect to Anuel AA. (Document/GFR Media)

Urban music has effectively discovered its new novel. It is the intersection of messages between Anuel AA and Ivy Queen.

The Puerto Rican ragpicker distributed a "story" on his Instagram account on the end of the week in which without referencing Ivy, one of the primary ladies to rise in reggaeton, addressed why he is still called the "Ruler", particularly when it has not been a radio hit for quite a long while.

"How are you going to disclose to me that a lady who does not sing a tune over 7 years back is the ruler of reggaeton ??????? THE NUMBERS DO NOT LIE !!!!!!! Kobe was the King for his occasions however at this point it's LEBRON !!!!!! ", peruses the printed message that Anuel distributed in his record

Be that as it may, it didn't stop there. The translator of hits like "I need to move" and "Let me know" distributed a story on her Instagram account that demonstrates a workmanship that demonstrates her as a courageous woman of a progression of Japanese anime with an immediate message to Anuel, who is two or three the Colombian mediator Karol G.

"Would it be able to be that I need to remind you where I originated from? "Culicagao Anuel AA, you would prefer not to cross with the ruler!" Reads the message of Ivy Queen.

The contention has joined different craftsmen of the old school and the new school, who have not had any desire to pass up on the chance to perceive the direction of the Puerto Rican entertainer, a pioneer in the "underground" scene and reggaeton, and request regard for what has done in more than 15 years of vocation.

One of them was Don Omar, who in a broad "live" on his Facebook account communicated applause to the craftsman, who was additionally alluded to by his genuine name Martha Pesante.

"At the point when Don Omar had the tune 'Dale Don, Dale', Ivy Queen was the most played craftsman in Colombia. In Medellin Colombia. None of different specialists had blunted how she was doing it. Ivy had a huge show (...), there were just about 54,000 individuals or 55,000 individuals in that arena. Furthermore, do you realize why Don Omar was there? Since Ivy Queen discussed Don Omar and that was my first entry (to Colombia), "said Don Omar in a" live "on Facebook.

The craftsman, who appeared in Medellin in the previous couple of days, said the explanation behind making the video was to demonstrate regard to a lady and partner of the class that dependably helped him.

"This video I need to do with incredible regard, both for my companion Martha Pesante, also called Ivy Queen. Much thanks to you by and by for the things you helped in out and perhaps you didn't see, "said Don Omar, who likewise communicated affability of Anuel.

Cosculluela, then again, was obtuse in her appraisal of the debate

"You need to discover that when this pende started * @ this was an underground type. This ended up illicit and Ivy was one of the general population who opened the entryways for us to cross, "said the craftsman.

Falo was another who wrote in his interpersonal organizations with regards to Ivy Queen and inquired as to whether different associates of the SaldrĂ­ana type would bolster her.

Yet, there were likewise examples of the new ages who joined the talk and put themselves in favor of "La Caballota"

"The just a single the road purified through water. The one that stuck in the city and not on the radio. Regard this MILF @Ivyqueendiva #Legend, "composed Jon Z on his Instagram account.

A standout amongst the most strongly communicated was Residente, who, without naming anybody, made a video that he distributed on Instagram, in which he admonished more youthful specialists to perceive the individuals who opened the path in the class before them.