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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Maro Kontou - George Constantinou: We slowly became the "family" of the audience

Everything was told in Kanakis' "Vinyl" - Live connection with Kostas Voutsas from his home - Tribute to the old Greek film with stories, recollections and pleasant chuckling

In the "brilliant" period of Greek film with Maro Kondou, Giorgos Konstantinou, Costas Voutsas yesterday voyaged Antonis Kanakis 'Vinylios' appear at Wednesday midnight, helping to remember the life-changing snapshots of enchantment with his cherished heroes.

In the studio, Maro Kontou and George Constantinou, in a live association with Kostas Voutsas, shared stories, recollections, encounters and certainties for his Greek film at that point, transforming the group of onlookers into seasons with a newly heated espresso smell, a Sunday family flavor and shading old Athenian neighborhood.

My grandma was troubled at all when I disclosed to them I needed to turn into a performer. He by and by let me know: "Yours ...".

Maro Kontou needed to turn into a performing artist from the absolute first minute, something that isn't valid for George Constantinou, who never thought of this probability.

"Highly contrasting film had an enchantment that currently does not exist," Maro Kondou portrays.

The distinctive note in this extraordinary show was given by Kostas Voutsas, who told Antonis Kanakis toward the start of the affiliation: "Antonis I currently do what I can, I did what I needed to do." "You don't work in the calling, the calling pulls you," he noted, wonderfully depicting an amazing course.

"When I recollect my vocation resembles eating each day sweet, chocolate. I am cheerful to be a dramatic. You are not a brand on the off chance that you are not an incredible performing artist or a man. Seasons are extraordinary. "

"Does profiteroles tire, George?", Says Antonis Kanakis, George Constantinou. "Where I stand and where I am, I find out about a profiterole," the performing artist answered, snickering. "Listen tall, in the event that you need to succeed you need to institutionalize. There was a period that did not go through my name, the world couldn't relate to me, I was battling," he uncovered.

Obviously, there was discussion about the unbelievable "fsss boing". Kostas Voutsas place things in his place.

"The" fsss boing "was not my very own mediation, it was not ad lib, it was in the content."