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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara finally confirm the good news, the bimbo is pregnant.

Nabilla and Thomas have confirmed to our colleagues in Paris-Match to wait for their first child.

In a long interview given at Paris-Match, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara confirmed the good news, photos in support. "I can hardly believe how much ... we grew up together! It was a long way. Today, we try to be better people, for our child, "explains the bimbo.

"Since October, we calculated everything! It did not work, we did not understand. Nabilla was doing a pregnancy test every day! When it finally arrived, we were like crazy, "confirms Thomas, formerly of Secret Story.

They also mention in this interview the time when Nabilla stabbed Thomas in an argument. "We will use this drama to prove to him that he has strong parents, who have faced all the trials. And when everything seems insurmountable to him, we will say to him: "If we have succeeded, you can succeed too. », Says Nabilla.