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Friday, 12 April 2019

Summer is the night of pop and carnival in Morro da Urca

RIO - After a stormy week, the sky cleared and the moon showed up on Thursday, the principal night of Fica Summer, a gastronomy and music occasion that possesses Morro da Urca until Sunday. Ideal for the proposition of prolongation of the station, which incorporates the pop gentility of Silva and Duda Beat and the weight of the jamboree of the Friends of Ounce.

On a sold-out night, the individuals who got off the link vehicle were invited by DJ Dudu Jardim, on a set that - highlighting craftsmen like Dona Onete and Gilberto Gil - flagged the mind-set of what was to come. Having the scene of Rio as an edge, the open had available to its gastronomic alternatives that included custard, burger, brownie and cannolli.

Duda Beat made the primary show of the night, energetically gotten by the gathering of people. Quickly before making that big appearance, she recalled that when she originated from Pernambuco to visit Rio, she came to visit Morro da Urca as a vacationer:

Last Thursday's fascination, Silva took to Morro da Urca a demonstrate that demonstrates his vocation - from collections like "Jupiter" (2015) to his latest venture, "Bloque do Silva", with which he has shot the nation.