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Monday, 8 April 2019

Vitoria is thrashed by the Fortaleza and bid farewell to the Northeast Cup

Without winning a solitary amusement, Vitória is out of the Northeast Cup. The evening of Monday (8), the red-dark group lost to the Fortaleza by 4 to 0, in the Castelão Arena, for the quarterfinals of the provincial challenge. The objectives were scored by Junior Santos (twice), Edinho and Dodo.

Presently, Rubro-negro spotlights on the Brazilian Championship Series B coordinate. The presentation of the Lion will be on April 27, at 11am, against Botafogo-SP, far from home.

With the initial twenty minutes set apart by fruitless assaults from Fortaleza and endeavors by Vitória's counterattack, the main great shot of the match showed up in the 24th moment. After header from Wellington Paulista to the passageway of the territory, Edinho ruled the chest and hit first, yet the ball ignored the objective.

Fortaleza opens the scoring with Santos Junior

In the 27th moment, Fortaleza opened the scoring at the Castelão Arena. On the left half of the assault, Osvaldo right-gave cross and crossed in for Júnior Santos, who headed well without offering opportunities to goalkeeper João Gabriel.

Santos denotes the second

In the wake of enduring the objective, Victory even endeavored to search for hostile alternatives, yet wound up enduring the second attempt. Again on the left side, Osvaldo progressed in speed, won the match with Jeferson and went to the base of the field to serve Junior Santos, who hit solidly and low to expand the edge.

Second time

Indeed, even with the edge, the Fortress proceeded over the Victory, exploiting the spaces that the red-dark left. At five minutes, Junior Santos began at speed and served Edinho. Inside the huge territory, the Pici's Tricolor striker terminated far from the objective.

In the succession, the Vitória gave its first kick to the objective in the diversion. At eight, Neto Baiano took a

a great deal of solidarity. The ball hoped to have taken an avoidance in transit in, yet he's guaranteeing it! After two minutes, Neto attempted once more, yet this time the ball passed extremely distant from the goal wanted by the forward.

Osvaldo hits the bar

At 12 minutes, Fortaleza nearly achieved the third objective. On the correct side, Edinho sent Osvaldo, who commanded and dropped a bomb on the correct post of goalkeeper João Gabriel.

Edinho marks the third of Fortaleza

Goalkeeper João Gabriel needed to work in the twentieth moment. After a decent play, Osvaldo served Tinga in the passageway of the zone. The right-back hit hard for an aerobatic guard of the red-dark toxophilite. At 34, Edinho, on the left side, crossed in the zone, Victor Ramos diverted and Wellington Paulista nearly pushed into the net.

The Fortaleza exploited Vitória's sadness and scored the third objective in the 38th moment. The play started with Marcinho, who gave a profound go to Edinho, who exceptional in speed and contacted the exit of goalkeeper João Gabriel.

Of need, Dodo makes room

Following 45 minutes, Victor Ramos maneuvered Marcinho into the territory and was sent off. Dodô wonderfully charged and hit the net, while Joao Gabriel could just watch.